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Garments types & embroidery locations

Embroidery is the preferred method of garment decoration for corporate and workwear clothing as it looks classy and is an effective way of promoting your company, club or promotional event. Our embroidery process can be applied to virtually all types of clothing including shirts and t shirts, hooded tops, embroidered polo shirts and baseball caps being amongst the favourites.

We can embroider your logo or design in up to ten colours in a number of locations. Usually the garment decoration will be an embroidered left chest or sleeve design but see the graphic above for more embroidery locations.

Live well project embroidery samplezoom

Satin thread embroidery

Satin stitch embroidery is ideal for lettering, single colour logos or small designs and provides a clean, elegant look. Available in a large range of threads, your logo or design can be colour matched to your corporate identity to create a long lasting professional looking garment.

3D embroidered capzoom

3D/Puffy embroidery

3D embroidery is great when you want your design to really stand out. It is commonly seen on baseball caps. A piece of foam is stitched over with thread to create a raised effect.

Worker ant embroidery samplezoom

Tatami or 'Fill' stitch embroidery

Tatami or 'fill' stitch runs the stitches close together and is used for a variety of purposes. For example, to fill in a banner under lettering or to fill any large area with colour. Different looks can be created by adjusting the stitch length, it's angle and the density of the stitch.

Operation Cougar embroidery samplezoom

Patterned fill stitch embroidery

The pattern fill is great for adding dimension to designs that would otherwise look flat. There are many patterns that can be created that will add interest to your artwork including the appearance of shading.

Appliqué embroideryzoom


If you really want to get creative, Appliqué (applied patches) can really add a unique style to your design. This method of embroidery involves placing a piece of material underneath your design which is then over-stitched. It's ideal for saving costs while retaining a professional look.


Embroidery digitisation charges

In order for your design to be embroidered it needs to be converted into a file format that an embroidery machine can read. At A4 Apparel pricing for this process is totally transparent; in general large complex designs cost more than simple text. For example an embroidery made up of plain text will cost roughly £15 to get digitised where as an embroidered left chest logo would cost between £20 - £25. If you require a large area of your garment embroidered or if your design is of a more complex nature please contact us.

Embroidery pricing

There is no minimum order for embroidered garment decoration, however the prices for getting your clothing embroidered are based on a sliding scale i.e. the greater the quantity of embroidered garments you require the less the cost per item. There are a few additional factors which must be taken into account which are:

  • Type of garment
  • Total quantity of garments
  • The complexity of your design
  • How many stitches in your design
  • The number of locations you want embroidered

The embroidery pricing table on each product page shows prices for embroidering your design based on the quantity of garments you require and the number of stitches in your design. Each individual blank (undecorated) garment has its own cost which you can refer to on the relevant product page. Once you have chosen your work wear or clothing, use the table to calculate the embroidery price to be added to the garment cost.